Trader registration

Branded goods straight from the manufacturer

For 40 years now MVG has been working closely with car dealers and repair shops. We know the market situation and what car dealers and service centres need.

As a specialist trader you have these advantages:

  • Favourable purchasing conditions
  • Bonus agreement – you save as soon as you place your first order
  • Purchasing on account
  • Attractive shipping options
  • Convincing product characteristics
  • Support directly from the manufacturer

Your registration as a specialist trader is non-committal, risk-free and is not coupled with a minimum turnover or other obligations in any way. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive information on new products and special promotions.

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Please send your trade licence by e-mail to or fax to +49-2403-7902-99.

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Please send your trade licence by e-mail to or fax to +49-2403-7902-99.